WV 2016 Milestone Report
In order to stay on track in achieving pollution reduction targets and meeting Chesapeake Bay goals, West Virginia sets programmatic milestones that are reported on annually and revised every two years. Currently, West Virginia is in the middle of their 2 year milestones for 2016-2017 and all milestones are either on track to be completed or have already been completed.
Milestone Report.PDF

WV Significant Wastewater Upgrade Status
A significant component of West Virginia's nutrient reductions, namely Nitrogen, have been achieved through upgrades to waste water treatment facilities. Upgrades to significant facilities located in WV's Bay drainage are either complete, scheduled for completion in 2017, or demonstrated permit compliance in 2015.
Upgrade Status.PDF

WV Offsets Status
All jurisdictions in the Chesapeake drainage are required to offset any new nitrogen or phosphorus pollutant loads that have occurred since the TMDL was developed in 2010. If a new point source wants to discharge into a river or stream, or if an existing point source wants to expand and increase their discharge, they have to offset those new loads. All offsets are tracked so that they can be accurately accounted for.
Offsets Status.PDF

In the document below, the green columns for 2015 show that we are already either at or below our 2017 targets.